TREx is now part of Biotechnology Resource Center. Please click here to visit the BRC affiliated site.
The TREx Lab is currently OPEN and is taking sample submissions by appointment only.
Please review our NEW SAMPLE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for more information or Click Here to place an order.
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Transcriptional Regulation & Expression Facility


TREx Sample Submission Instructions:

Please note that samples may be submitted by appointment only!

  1. Submit project/sample information through our NEW online portal which is available here . Please note that a BRC account is required to login.
  2. After BRC order is complete, you will receive an automated email with further instructions. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for sample submission at the Biotechnology Building (526 Campus Rd).
  3. Please follow these instructions carefully to prepare your samples for submission:
    • Submit samples in RNAse-free 1.5mL tubes.
    • Number each tube according to the sample table in your BRC order using solvent resistant ink. Sample names on the tubes are optional; numbers are required.
    • Place all tubes in a zip-lock bag, and insert a paper note with your name and Cornell netID. A box is optional; an outer zip lock bag for containment is required. There is no need to label the outside of the zip-lock bag as your bag will be discarded when samples are checked in.
  4. If you are on campus and dropping off samples in person: within the pre-scheduled appointment window, bring your samples to the Biotechnology Building. Detailed instructions for non-contact drop-off will be provided when you schedule the appointment.
    • Recommended: transport RNA on dry ice, unless your samples are already thawed for another reason (in which case short-term storage on wet ice is OK).
    • Please follow all Cornell guidelines for PPE use on campus.
    • If possible, please bring a phone with you in order to contact us to confirm that samples have been dropped off.
  5. If you are submitting samples from off campus, we will provide a mailing address when we contact you in step 2. Please follow all guidelines in step 3.